How To Use

Body Butters

FOR HAIR butters are best for your hair and oils are best on your scalp. Depending on your hair type, use the butters and oils on damp hair to lock in moisture, or dry hair. Pre-poo: the day before wash day, section hair, apply and twist each section, then wash as normal. 

FOR BODY – we recommend using after a shower, while skin is still a little wet to lock in moisture. Apply a small amount to each body part or concern area (a little goes a long way), and massage gently into skin. Remember tradition body butters are made from oils and contain 0% water, so wait 2 minutes or more before putting on clothing, to allow the oils to soak into your skin. Top up during the day if necessary. 

FOR MAKEUP REMOVAL – did you know when you use wipes or just wash your face after wearing makeup there may still be makeup, dirt and oil trapped in your skin? You may think that expensive face wash is doing the job but when you wipe your face with a cotton pad there are still traces of makeup or dirt on the pad. Oil dissolves oil: massage the oil into your skin, showing special attention to your T-zone, this also relieves stress and tension. Wipe of the oil and wash your face as normal. This is also known as a double cleanse.

STORAGE – store in a cool dry place. The body butter may melt in hot conditions or hot seasons, keep it stored in a cool place or place it in the fridge for 5 minutes or more for the consistency you prefer. The body butter may harden, in this case you can melt it or whisk it back to its creamy texture (it is perfectly fine to use the body butter if it hardens, it will melt on contact with skin).

*We recommend doing a patch test 24hrs before using the body butter on entire body*