Honey & Turmeric Soap

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  • Honey & Turmeric Soap

Handmade Honey & Turmeric Soap:
Shea Butter Soap Base, Curcumin, Honey, Olive Oil, Thyme Essential Oil

*Dampen face and body before use. Leave on skin for at least 30 seconds for maximum result or use exfoliation gloves when applying. Rinse with water*

Honey - natural exfoliator, beneficial for acne, psoriasis and eczema, brightens skin

Turmeric - brightens skin, reduces scars, prevents breakouts

Thyme - antibacterial, relieves symptoms of eczema and itchy skin, high in antioxidants = slows down ageing process

200ml jar
Cruelty free

Note: Due to using natural products, the colour and texture of each soap varies and may sweat. This has no harmful effect and will not effects the functioning of the product.
Do not get soap onto fabrics.
Lathers after a few uses.
Keep in cool, dry area. Cut soap to ensure the bar lasts longer.